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Information, consistently point out that the newest Honda CRX are grabbed the next day

Information, consistently point out that the newest Honda CRX are grabbed the next day

Details, including declare that the automobile are grabbed just after Reiser remaining the auto. This is certainly after that facts, one Reiser slept on the vehicles immediately and therefore police seen which.

If the Reiser kept the automobile the second early morning immediately after sleep in the it, what are i making of one’s accounts off your making the car, speaking to a taxi rider right after which sprinting right up Shepherd Canyon Roadway (initial advertised once the Serpent Boulevard) you to evening?

Very first, the new entrance to Shepherd Canyon Highway is approximately half of a kilometer from which Reiser try parked. It’s unclear exactly how he reaches Shepherd Canyon Path (otherwise Snake Boulevard) without being watched.

Third, it had been black. Therefore, the newest name regarding the individual, as Reiser, is pretty think. As well as, this new taxi and you can sprinter incidents, was fabricated to attract undesirable police attention out of seeing what Reiser involved.

4th, the police thought it wanted to “buttress” its condition having an observe exactly who you are going to, or will most likely not, have observed Reiser powering upwards Shepherd Canyon Roadway, on that night, and/or evening in advance of, or the evening just after, and/or night following. Why did it work with that it worthless experience, Goli Fahid, at all?

Tue 2006-09-19: In the a wire-tapped call, Hans asks his mommy in order to satisfy him at the Mormon Temple (4770 Lincoln Ave, Oakland), saying, “I want to communicate with you on one thing.” Some things to notice:

Immediately after, showering and having breakfast (possibly within driver), Reiser efficiency to get the CRX have vanished

Predicated on police, Hans spent the night time in the his mom’s house. So, just why is it necessary to mobile phone their mom regarding the Mormon Temple and you can plan an event there, in order to show just what he’s with the their attention?