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Wilshere are entitled to resign their chair

Wilshere are entitled to resign their chair

Jan. seventeenth.-The poor Law Commissioners with complained of the Board out-of Guardians because they had shown a christmas time food towards paupers, the new Guardians warranted such as for example legal proceeding.

The month of january. 24th.-A registration had been inserted upon with regards to curing this new families of the individuals seamen who have been lost in the latest gales. ?115 is actually built-up about area.

At Quarter Coaching, Mr. Edward Woodrow is convicted getting attempting to sell “brief lbs” dough for the Guardians, and sentenced to spend a fine out-of ?fifty, which he repaid, however, “not through to the Recorder (Letter. Palmer, Esq.) had twice threatened so you’re able to to visit him to have contempt off Judge.”

Feb. twenty-first.-Mr. John Owles had been opted for a beneficial Councillor in place of Mr. Cobb, who have been elevated for the Aldermanic Table.

A conference of the Chartists had been kept during the Masonic Hallway, Mr. Fleet regarding the sofa, and you may are managed of the Messrs. Gill and you may Deegan, delegates.

Pickard (a guardian) got complained to your Gran that he is actually continuously becoming insulted because of the Mr

February 21st.-The newest Rev. W. Squire got lectured at the Masonic Hallway when you look at the reply to Mr. Owen. Over step 1,200 individuals were expose.

April fourth.-A conference got kept for the true purpose of creating an effective local part of Shipwrecked Mariners’ Area, S. Cobb, Esq. (es H. Palmer, Matthew Butcher, and you may George Danby Palmer participated in what’s going on.

May 9th.-An enthusiastic efforts was being designed to restore the brand new “Dutch Fair,” so you’re able to which such as vessels would be to feel exempted of dues regarding the seventeenth to 30th September.